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Product development

The engineering department comprises R&D and current product development teams.

Research and development

AARD made a strategic decision to launch at least one new product to the market each year.

AARD launched the following new products:

2014: AARD 10 LHD
2015: AARD 33DT
2016: AARD 7 LHD

The R&D team is currently designing and developing a new generation LP Bolter and a LP Drill Rig

Current product improvements

Current products are continuously being upgraded and improved to meet customer’s requirements.

2013 highlights include:
  • Upgrading the 5.5 ton LHD to a 6 ton LHD
  • Modifying the AARDBOLTER LP to suits the customer’s requirements
  • Designing and manufacturing a 38-seater bus, based on the UV80
  • Upgrading the AARD SINGLEMASTER bolter to suit the customer’s requirements
2015 highlights include:
  • Develop the UV100 utility vehicle as a dedicated cassette or RORO ( Roll On - Roll Off)
  • Designed and develop the a;; new low profile UV50